Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 (Week 2, Day 10)

8th Grade: Smoothie Lab!  Students had fun, enjoyed the smoothie, and learned how to clean a blender properly! :)

Teen Issues: Students watched a clip from the movie Friday Night Lights that addressed potential and overcoming adversity.  We also talked about the difference between being respectful and being disrespectful in their everyday lives.  They drew out the scenerios on their iPads and presented them to the class.

Foods 1:  Pre-Lab Guidelines PPT and notes (pg 13 in pkt).  Waffle cookies demo by Mrs. Stoakes. Students observed in preparation for next week's lab.

Child Development: Watched the Realcare Baby demo video, answered the quiz and went over it. Take the paper home to get a parent signature.  Discussed Rewards and Challenges of being a parent to get ready for our parenting lesson next week.

Have a great Labor Day weekend! Be safe!

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